New Ligmincha Learning Free Self-Guided Meditation Course with Rinpoche Begins November 1

TWR2 croppedWe are excited to announce a new, free course with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche on Ligmincha Learning beginning November 1. The course, “Starting a Meditation Practice, from the Bön Tradition of Tibet,” provides a complete introduction on beginning a meditation practice, with clear and easy-to follow-instructions.

Recorded over several weeks at Rinpoche’s home in California, these videos, images and written instructions discuss why it is important to develop a regular meditation practice and how to cultivate one’s practice.  Rinpoche discusses practical matters such as how to sit in the five-point posture, what time of day is best for practice and how long to sit. He then guides participants the practices of the Nine Breaths of Purification, the Five Outer Tsa Lung, and the Refuge of the Body, or Stillness.  The videos are presented in short segments, each one on a specific topic or aspect of practice.  

To begin with, this new course will be offered in English and with English subtitles. Over the coming months, Spanish, German, Polish and other languages as subtitle options will become available, along with guided meditations as MP3 files for download in the same languages. In the future, expanded access will be available to online teachings in multiple languages.  
It is hoped that this will be the first of many courses or tutorials offered by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, resident lamas and senior Western students though the online learning platform. Several new courses on Ligmincha Learning are already being planned, including the practice of Sherab Chamma, the Wisdom Loving Mother; another course introducing the Outer, Inner and Secret Tsa Lung practices in greater detail, and a follow-up course by Rinpoche on cultivating a personal practice at home.

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