Frequently asked questions about ligmincha webcasTS


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about live webcasts offered by Ligmincha International.

Q: I watched the recent webcast. Where can I find the recording so I can watch it again?

A: Just by registering to watch that webcast, you will automatically be receiving an email with a link to the recording as soon as it’s available. There are several other ways to be notified of recorded webcasts:

  • Visit the Internet Teachings page—as soon as the recorded webcast is available, it will be posted on that page.
  • Visit Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche’s Facebook page within a few days after the webcast. Better yet, "like" his page to receive immediate notifications.
  • Subscribe to Voice of Clear Light, Ligmincha’s bimonthly e-newsletter (click on "Receive VOCL by email"). VOCL will give you updates about recorded webcasts, other news related to upcoming teachings, and much more.
  • Register for the free webcast-based courses at—"Transforming Your World Through Service" and "Living with Joy, Dying in Peace." All recorded videos related to these courses are archived on the sites of these online courses.

Q: I want to be sure I won't miss an upcoming live webcast. How can I receive timely information about registration?

A: Each time you register for a given webcast, you will be on the mailing list to receive a link for the next webcast that follows. To stay informed, you can also visit the Internet Teachings page, the Live-Broadcast page, or the Ligmincha International homepage.

Q: I've already registered for an upcoming webcast in the new six-month course, Living with Joy, Dying in Peace. I understand that I have to register separately for the full, six-month course. How do I register for the course?

A: You can register for the course at There is no charge to participate in this course with all its supports, including discussion forum, recorded webcasts, and downloadable print materials and MP3 audio recordings.

Q: I'd like to meet others with an interest in these webcast teachings. Are there any group webcast screenings or group practices near me?

A: For added support, monthly group webcast viewings, as well as regularly scheduled group meditation practices, are available in many locations worldwide. Contact your nearest local center or sangha to inquire about any group screenings or guided meditations they may be hosting. Regarding the free six-month course on Living with Joy, Dying in Peace: If there is no group available in your area and you are interested in starting one informally, email to indicate your interest and learn more. 
Guidelines for starting a practice group

Q: I understand that each webcast may be simultaneously translated into as many as 12 languages? How can I access these translations?

A: A dedicated group of international translators graciously volunteer their time to make these webcast teachings more accessible. Links to the real-time translations can be found here

Q: I showed up on time for the live webcast, but it looks like the webcast hasn’t begun yet. Should I just keep waiting?

A: It could be that the broadcast hasn’t begun yet—in which case, thanks for your patience! But to be sure, try refreshing your viewing screen. When you register for a given webcast, you receive a unique viewing link for that webcast; and if you click on that link before the scheduled start time and then visit other web pages, the connection with the upcoming webcast may be disrupted. Refreshing the viewing screen at the start time can help you ensure that the connection is still there.

Q: I was just watching the webcast, but it cut off abruptly and now it says the webinar is finished. What should I do?

A: If a webcast cuts off abruptly, we must begin a new webcast, and you must link to the new webcast. We will post the new link as soon as possible on the chat screen of the original webcast—click on that link to enter the new webcast. If you can't access the chat screen, visit the Webcast Troubleshooting Tips page for guidance.

Q: I’m having trouble viewing/hearing the webcast. Can you help?

A: For troubleshooting assistance, visit the Webcast Troubleshooting Tips page.

Q: I clicked on the link to view the webcast, but a message came up, "Sorry you're late ... This webinar has expired." I was right on time. Am I doing something wrong?

A: Try clearing your cache and cookies and see if that solves the problem—it's always a good idea to do this before watching any live webcast. Instructions for clearing cache and cookies: Google Chrome / Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you still have problems after clearing cache and cookies, try registering a second time for the webcast at; and use the new viewing link that is generated for you.

Or, if you are attending a daylong webcast event and are watching Session 2 or later, if could be that you used the wrong link to view the later session. Each session of a daylong webcast requires a separate, unique viewing link. The email you receive upon registering contains all your viewing links—save that email so you’ll have it for the webcast. If you lose that email, try registering a second time for the daylong event at; the system will send you a new email with the necessary links.

Q: I appreciate these webcasts and would like to support them for the future. How can I volunteer my time or make a financial contribution?

A: We are currently in need of volunteers who can translate webcasts from English into other languages, or who can help with onsite technical assistance in Northern California. If you'd like to help in this way, please email us. If you would like to support these efforts financially, donations are most welcome! Information on donating can be found here.

Other questions?
Feel free to email us. We're an all-volunteer webcast staff so our reply may be delayed, but we'd like to hear from you.