Ligmincha Sanghas Worldwide Plan Losar Celebrations

FireBird 289x300Ligmincha sanghas around the world will offer a range of activities related to Losar 2017, the Year of the Fire Bird. The Tibetan new year is celebrated widely by Tibetans and by Tibetan Bon and Buddhist centers around the world.Here is a sampling of what is happening in some of our sanghas, who responded to a request for information about their activities. If you would like to share what your sangha is doing to celebrate Losar, please email the Losar committee.


February 27: Paris, 7 p.m.
Three sanghas will share the center: the Rimay sangha, the Dzogchen community
and Ligmincha France. Each sangha will guide a short practice, followed by food and beverages.


March 3–5: Buchenau
Ligmincha Germany will host a practice weekend to introduce or strengthen practices taught by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and to connect with the European sangha. Geshe Khorden Lhundup Gyaltsen, resident lama of Ligmincha France, will join the group. The weekend includes setting up the gompa, practicing together, Sang Chöd (fire ritual) and viewing of live webcast with Tenzin Rinpoche and other resident lamas worldwide.

The Netherlands

March 5: Utrecht
A sangha day celebration will include Sang Chod (fire ritual), viewing Losar webcast with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and resident lamas, and sharing of experiences.


March 3–5: Wilga
Ligmincha Poland will host a weekend of ritual and practice, including Sipe Gyalmo ritual on the evening of March 3, hanging of prayer flags, lecture, food and other rituals on March 4; and teachings on Sherap Chamma and puja March 5


February 25–March 4
Ligmincha Mexico sangha members will participate in a range of activities during Losar. On February 27, beginning at 9:30 a.m. Lama Yungdrung Lodoe will celebrate Losar in the Great Stupa in Chamma Ling, Valle de Bravo.


February 22–March 5: Ligmincha Texas Center
Activities will be held on five different days, beginning with a ransom ceremony on February 22 and ending with a birthday celebration of Nyame Sherap Gyaltsen on March 5. Particpants will gather to view the live webcast from Tenzin Rinpoche and other resident lamas on March 4 staring at 9:30 a.m.


March 4: Serenity Ridge Retreat Center (headquarters of Ligmincha International)
The community will gather at Serenity Ridge beginning at 8:45 a.m. for a Sang Chod (fire ceremony) and flag raising, followed by viewing of the live webcast, offering to Nyame Sherap Gyaltsen and a potluck lunch.

View the Losar webcast