Second Year of Lishu Institute in India to Focus on Ma Gyud 

Lishu distance croppedLishu Institute has announced its program of study for the second of year of its three-year residential program in Tibetan Bon Buddhism. The second year will focus on the Ma Gyud teachings, one of the major tantric cycles in the Bon tradition. 

All are welcome to apply to attend the second year of teachings at Lishu Institute, including those who did not attend the first year. Lishu is located in Kotra Kalyanpur outside of Dehradun, India, in the Northern India state of Uttarakhand. Lishu is the vision of its spiritual director, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, whose heartfelt wish is to preserve the precious spiritual and cultural traditions of Tibet. The first year of teachings, on the topic of the Nine Ways of Bon, began in September 2015.

The Ma Gyud Sangye Gyud Sum, which Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche has taught over the past 20 years, is a teaching said to come directly from Dharmakaya Kuntu Zangpo, the primordial Buddha. Gyal Shen Mi Lu Sam Lek, a King of Zang Zhung, received this teaching from the great mother Zangza Ringtsun and spread this teaching. The Ma Gyud Sangye Gyud Sum was then passed down in an unbroken lienage through our Master Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche.

Ma Gyud mandala low resThe Ma Gyud contains three teachings:

  • The base which is the nature of mind.
  • The path which consists of practices to recognize the nature of mind.
  • The fruit, which is Buddhahood.

The second year program of Lishu will address the six great methods of the Path of the Ma Gyud cycle. The second year begins September 12, 2016, and continues through June 9, 2017.


  • 1st trimester: September 12, 2016–November 18, 2016—Tummo and  Dream Yoga
  • 2nd trimester: January 9, 2017–March 17, 2017—Nyen Sa Lam Khyer (including Chod) and Phen Pa Lam Khyer (including Phowa)
  • 3rd trimester: April 3, 2017–June 9, 2017—Sleep Yoga and Bardo Lam Khyer

Lishu Institute’s programs are to facilitate, support and encourage the development of dedicated practitioners in mastery of selected texts and teachings who will further the development and preservation of Bon in their home sangha. All who are interested can apply by July 15 for the second year program.

Check back soon to read an interview with Sangmo Yangri, Ph.D., a resident teacher at Lishu and the first Tibetan woman to receive a Ph.D. in Bon philosophy.

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