TWR folded handsTenzin Wangyal Rinpoche’s Upcoming Schedule

Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, founder and spiritual director of Ligmincha International, is offering teachings in Oregon, Washington, California and Texas, along with several free, live Internet teachings through the remainder of January and in February. His new free online course and webcast series on the topic of Transforming Your World Through Service begins February 13.
To register for any of the teachings, contact the coordinator, email or website indicated.


January 16–February 7, 2016

Location: Your computer
Subject: Interactive online course: 'Awakening the Sacred Body'
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January 16–March 5, 2016

Location: Your computer
Subject: Online course: 'Transforming our Emotions Through the Six Lokas'
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January 22, 2016

Location: Clatskanie, Oregon
Subject: Awakening the Luminous Mind
Website: Zen Community of Oregon

January 23–24, 2016

Location: Olympia, Washington
Subject: Inner, Outer, and Secret Tsa Lung
Contact: Carel Camerer
Tel: (+1) 360-352-7066
Email Carel Camerer
Website: Ligmincha Northwest

January 30–31, 2016

Location: Pasadena, California
Subject: The Seven Mirrors of Dzogchen, Part 2 of 3
Contact: Darlene Sessions
Tel: (+1) 909-949-3966
Email Darlene Sessions
Website: Ligmincha California


February 5–7, 2016

Location: Houston, Texas
Subject: Breath as Medicine
Email Ligmincha Texas
Website: Ligmincha Texas
Facebook Page: Ligmincha Texas

February 13, 2016

Location: Your computer
Subject: Free Live Webcast: "Transforming Your World Through Service, Part 1: The Value of Enlightened Leadership"
Time: 3–4:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (New York time)
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MARCH 2016

March 1–6, 2016

Location: Petaluma, California
Subject: Dzogchen Practice Retreat (NOTE: This retreat is open to experienced dzogchen practitioners who have received dzogchen teachings such as The Twenty-One Nails, the A-tri, the Golden Turtle, and the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyü)
Contact: Laura Shekerjian
Tel: (+1) 510-849-2373
Email Laura Shekerjian
Website: Ligmincha California

March 5–April 3, 2016

Location: Your computer
Subject: Interactive online course: 'Tibetan Dream Yoga'
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