Health of His Holiness Improves, Please Continue Long Life Mantra

hh lungtok tenpai nyima We are happy to share the good news that the health of His Holiness Lungtok Tenpai Nyima Rinpoche, the 33rd Menri Trizin, is improving. Please continue to do the Long Life Prayer and Long Life Mantra for His Holiness through the end of the year

Menri Monastery and Bon practitioners around the world have been conducting rituals and prays for His Holiness since late August, upon the advice of His Eminence Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, the most senior teacher in the Bon tradition. His Holiness reports that his health is back to normal and that he is resting well at Menri.

Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche will soon travel to India to visit and spend some time with His Holiness. "When I first heard about His Holiness’ health condition, which now seems more stabilized, I felt a wish to visit and spend some time with him,” Rinpoche said.” On September 28 I will travel to India for two weeks. There I plan to offer the practice of tse thar (life Liberation), and to do long life rituals and prayers for His Holiness. I know that our Ligmincha sangha members worldwide are continuing to accumulate the Long Life Prayer and Mantra for His Holiness."

The heartfelt prayers and practices of everyone for His Holiness’s healing are deeply appreciated. Everyone is encouraged to continue to recite the Long Life Mantra and Long Life Prayer for His Holiness and to submit their accumulations at the end of each month to their local sangha or online.

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