Losar Greetings from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

TWR2 croppedDear Sangha and Friends,

Losar Tashi Delek! February 9 marks the beginning of Losar, the Tibetan New Year. As the old year is ending and the New Year is arriving, I send my best wishes to you all for happiness, health, and prosperity. Whatever important dreams, tasks and projects you are trying to bring forward in this coming year, may they spontaneously and joyfully develop!

Below, I share with you my own prayer for the New Year, in the form of a poem.

If you wish to observe Losar yourself on February 9, a very simple way is to light candles on your shrine and offer incense and flowers. Then, as you illuminate that external sacred space, you can try to illuminate your internal sacred space with awareness and qualities of joy and love, and to generate good intention for the rest of the year.

With all my blessings and warm wishes for Losar,

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche


Prayer for Auspiciousness


May my own wishes be spontaneously auspicious.
May my wishes for others be fully auspicious.
May harmony for all be auspicious.
May benefits for all be auspicious
May Buddha’s Teaching auspiciously flourish.

May our household fortunes be auspiciously abundant.
May our fertile fields auspiciously expand.
May our livestock auspiciously flourish.
May our food be plentiful and nourishing.
May we, in our blessed dwellings, have a great year.

May the richness of Elemental Earth stabilize.
May the richness of Elemental Water bind together.
May the richness of Elemental Fire ripen.
May the richness of Elemental Air be vast.
May the richness of Elemental Space embrace.

May all external enemies be pacified.
May all internal obstacles be removed.
May all demonic secret Ignorance be liberated.
May outer, inner and secret impediments be pacified.
May all beings be happy.

May all grandfathers live long.
May all grandmothers be healthy and happy.
May all parents stay together, with joy and happiness.
May all children’s knowledge and health increase.
May all relatives live in deep harmony.

May our life energy not waver, and like a mountain, be stable.
May our physical condition, like fire’s pleasant warmth, be glowing.
May our capacities, like the waxing moon, be increasing.
May our vitality, like the garuda, the king of birds, be lofty
May our life energy, physical condition, and capacities increase and expand.

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
Ligmincha International at Serenity Ridge
Virginia, USA., January 1, 2016

Translated from the Tibetan by Steven Goodman, Karma Shastri and Polly Turner