Webcast Troubleshooting Tips


  • If the broadcast cuts off abruptly and you see a message indicating the webinar has ended, wait a few minutes for the broadcast to resume. We will provide any necessary updates on on the chat screen. If technical difficulties require us to launch a new webcast, look for a link to the new webcast either on the chat screen or in your email.

  • A high-speed Internet connection is required for viewing the webcasts.

  • We recommend upgrading your browser to the current version before the broadcast begins.

  • If you have problems with sound or video reception, try refreshing your screen, or view the live webcast directly on YouTube—you can usually find a link to the YouTube version atop the chat screen in the first minutes of each webcast. Other options are to log out and log back in; or quit your browser and relaunch it.

  • If you experience an echo, make sure you do not have two broadcast screens open at once.

  • If the image looks blurry, it’s likely that your bandwidth is low. To improve bandwidth, try closing extra tabs on your browser, and limit any use of your Internet connection by other computers or devices. Note that our webcast service leverages YouTube, which detects your device's bandwidth capability and dials the resolution down so that the livestream can be as close to real time as possible. Therefore, you may find that the playback video of the webcast—usually available within a few days after the webcast is over—will offer more clarity.

  • Additional guidance for viewing webcasts can be found on the Webcast FAQ page.