‘Six Lokas’ Teaching in Buchenau, Germany Starts Aug. 25

twr croppedGeshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche will teach “The Six Lokas” in Buchenau, Germany from Aug. 25–31, 2014.

The teachings of the six realms, or six lokas, give us the means to profoundly recognize the negative emotions within us, clear them at a very deep level, and transform them into positive qualities that can empower and enrich our lives.

The knowledge of the six realms has for centuries been practiced in Tibet, particularly within the ancient Bon Buddhist tradition. In Bon this knowledge is found within the esoteric dzogchen teachings of the Zhang Zhung Nyan Gyud, one of the most important cycles of Bon teachings. 

According to these teachings, every sentient being is born into one of six realms, each of which is associated with a given emotion:

  • The hell realms are characterized by anger
  • The hungry ghost realm, by greed
  • The animal realm, by ignorance
  • The human realm, by jealousy
  • The demi-god realm, by pride
  • The god realm, by lethargic pleasure.

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