Causal Vehicle Training Programs 

Soul and Life-Force Retrieval

From the Bön Buddhist Tradition of Tibet
A Two-Year-Certificate Training Program, May 2012 Through October 2013


Among the Nine Vehicles of the Yungdrung Bön, the first four are classified as the Causal Vehicles, or the Vehicles of Causes. These include practices such as divination, medicine, astrology and communication with external forces such as spirits. This two-year program focuses on offering trainings found within the causal vehicles.

Intention: The intention of this program is to provide participants with the in-depth knowledge and experience of the Soul and Life-Force Retrieval ritual.

Overview: During this program participants will learn the rituals associated with soul and life-force retrieval according to the Yungdrung BöBuddhist tradition of Tibet. There are two training sessions per year taught by fully trained Tibetan lamas who carry the lineage of the practice. Instruction will be given on the meaning and execution of the rituals, as well as in the proper way to prepare the ritual space and to make the necessary ritual objects. Participants are requested to be semi-silent outside of the formal teaching and practice sessions, using their time for mantra recitation and recitation of the translated ritual text. During the program, the complete soul and life-force retrieval will be performed by the lama for the benefit of those attending this program.

Training certificate: A Certificate of Completion will be offered to participants who attend all four sessions of the Two-Year Soul and Life-force Retrieval Program and who also fulfill the commitment of reciting 100,000 mantras. Those who wish to perform the ritual for the benefit of others will undergo an additional examination by the lama in order to be given permission and blessing for this.

More about the rituals: The rituals of soul and life-force-retrieval are traditionally performed together. This is because a disturbance of the soul is often accompanied by a weakened life force, and vice versa.


Photograph by Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche