Welcome to the New Ligmincha International Website!

worldmapWelcome to the new website of Ligmincha International. Ligmincha.org, formerly the site for Ligmincha Institute and Serenity Ridge Retreat Center, is now your entryway not only to Serenity Ridge, but to all of Ligmincha’s worldwide centers and sanghas.

A separate website for Serenity Ridge [link to https://www.serenityridge.ligmincha.org] features much of the same information that you have been accustomed to seeing on our website over the past several years. To visit the website of Serenity Ridge or other Ligmincha centers, click on a photo below or on the gold bar above.
We hope you’ll be patient as we transition from the old to the new site over the next few weeks! We’ll be working out all the “glitches” that come with starting up a new website and posting updated information as it becomes available.

This is a big project, so the website is being created in stages. As we get under way, the new website now features most of the same information found on our former Serenity Ridge site, including details about Ligmincha Institute, Bon Buddhism and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoch. It also contains plus prominent links to the websites of Serenity Ridge and the Chamma Ling retreat centers in Mexico, Poland and the United States. International news is featured on the homepage. You'll also see a new and improved Ligmincha Institute Bookstore & Tibet Shop [link to https://www.ligminchastore.org] .

In the second stage, our "Find a Center or Sangha" page will offer links to information about all Ligmincha centers, sanghas and practice groups worldwide. The new websites for Ligmincha Germany and Ligmincha Institute at Serenity Ridge will serve as pilots for the design of other Ligmincha websites.

In the future, primary information on the Ligmincha International website will be translated into a variety of languages to further increase access to teachings worldwide. We also plan to include information about all worldwide retreats and sangha activities. Over time, Ligmincha International hopes to assist every center, sangha and practice group worldwide in developing an integrated Web presence accessible through the new Ligmincha.org homepage.

We’ve had a great team of sangha members working hard over the past months to design the new international website at a minimal cost, mostly through volunteer efforts. Spearheading the project are Lutz and Bogusia Dausend, with the assistance of Polly Turner, Dave Liden, Sue Davis-Dill, Zeyno Dodd, Bo Holland and Oliver Wirtz. Thanks also go to Vickie Walter, Jude Blum, Cynthia Allison and Bob Fiore, who volunteered much time during the winter retreat to help prepare the new site to go live.

We hope you’ll find that the new website provides information that is useful to all of Ligmincha’s sanghas throughout the world. Look for more information as we proceed along the path of increasing access to the Bon Buddhist teachings worldwide.