Free GlideWing Online Meditation Course Starts April 8

twr croppedGeshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche will offer a free two-week online beginning meditation workshop through GlideWing starting April 8. The title is “Focusing and Calming Your Mind: The Tibetan Practice of Zhiné.“

Almost every spiritual tradition includes a practice that develops concentration and stillness of the mind. This practice is called "calm abiding" or zhiné in the Tibetan traditions.

The practice of zhiné develops the strong, stable attention and stillness necessary to overcome the continual movements of the mind. The ability to maintain focused attention and abide in clear, open awareness enables you to live more fully in the present and also cultivates spiritual awakening. The practice affords an opportunity to step out of the distractions of everyday life and come home to yourself.

Please note that this workshop was previously titled "Meditation for Beginners." Although the Tibetan practie of zhiné can provide a strong foundation for beginners, it also can be a valuable addition to any spiritual practice for anyone who wishes to develop a calm and focused state of mind. Through the practice you will learn to quiet and calm the mind by focusing attention on a single object. Three forms of zhiné are taught: focusing on a visual support; focusing on sound; and focusing on the “Three Precious Pills” – stillness of the body, silence of the speech and spaciousness of the mind.

Rinpoche instructs and guides the practice through a series of videos that can be watched at home on your own schedule. A discussion forum lends a sense of community and permits you to share experiences, ask questions and engage in mutual support. A course moderator will ensure that forum discussions are appropriate and supportive. Although Rinpoche will not be able to answer individual questions in this workshop, he may send occasional messages to the workshop group as a whole.

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